Low Carb Flax Muffin Recipe with Video

I just checked my blood sugar one hour after trying this low carb flax muffin recipe, and I’m a happy camper.  I ate one of these for lunch with meat and cheese slices, and topped it with about a teaspoon of homemade raspberry jam.  Friggin’ awesome!  This is the easiest flax muffin recipe ever, with a total time investment of less than 5 minutes, and best of all my blood sugar was a cool 86 even with the raspberry jam.  It was so good, in fact, that I ended up making two – my three-year old son stole the first one.  I topped his with a bit of honey and he ate the entire muffin!  If you have a three-year old, you probably know what an amazing feat that is. Continue reading “Low Carb Flax Muffin Recipe with Video”