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Low Carb Recipe for Cheese Crisps in the Microwave or on the Stove – with Video

I came across this low carb recipe for cheese crisps on YouTube the other day and just had to share it.  It fits all the criteria for the perfect low carb snack – quick, easy and tasty!  I also really like the versatility of being able to cook it either in the microwave or on the stove.  I’ve included a recap below the video for those of you who would rather just read about it. Continue reading

10 Low Carb Cheese Snacks That Are So Easy They Almost Make Themselves

CheeseCheese is the low carb dieter’s manna from heaven.  Not only are low carb cheese snacks extremely easy to find, they are jam-packed with protein to help keep blood sugar levels even.  Cheese makes an excellent protein to eat with a dose of carbs, or it can be a filling treat all by itself.  Cheese is also one of those foodie-foods, so there is incredible variety, from super expensive and rare sheep cheese to the everyday staple, cheddar.  We literally go through pounds of the stuff every month at our house, especially since my gestational diabetes diagnosis.  Low carb cheese snacks are my go-to when I’m not feeling very creative – I can just hack off a chunk and be satisfied until dinner. Continue reading