Healthy Diabetic Snacks for Kids

Fruit Kabobs Make Healthy Diabetic Snacks for KidsGetting kids to eat healthy foods is hard enough, without throwing blood sugar and carb counts into the mix; when you are looking for diabetic snacks for kids, planning meals can become so challenging.  Sometimes I wonder how my kids can manage to get satisfied on like, 2 bites of a sandwich, but they do!  Healthy diabetic snacks for kids can be fun and exciting, though, and by choosing colorful, fun foods, you can encourage your little one to eat a balanced and healthy diet without making them eat foods they don’t enjoy.  The following tips and list of snacks will help you win the battle for healthy snacking. Continue reading “Healthy Diabetic Snacks for Kids”


10 Low Carb Cheese Snacks That Are So Easy They Almost Make Themselves

CheeseCheese is the low carb dieter’s manna from heaven.  Not only are low carb cheese snacks extremely easy to find, they are jam-packed with protein to help keep blood sugar levels even.  Cheese makes an excellent protein to eat with a dose of carbs, or it can be a filling treat all by itself.  Cheese is also one of those foodie-foods, so there is incredible variety, from super expensive and rare sheep cheese to the everyday staple, cheddar.  We literally go through pounds of the stuff every month at our house, especially since my gestational diabetes diagnosis.  Low carb cheese snacks are my go-to when I’m not feeling very creative – I can just hack off a chunk and be satisfied until dinner. Continue reading “10 Low Carb Cheese Snacks That Are So Easy They Almost Make Themselves”


5 Low Carb Peanut Butter Snacks

Low Carb Peanut Butter SnacksPeanut butter is quite possibly the best food in the world, if you ask me – which you must have, because you’re here!  It was first created in 1895 to help patients who couldn’t eat solids, and I bet they would have agreed at how wonderful this stuff really is…at least until the 20th day in a row of eating it.  If you are counting carbs and love peanut butter, you probably could use some tips on low carb peanut butter snacks.  Each of the snack ideas in this article are under 20 grams of carbs and pack a good protein punch to help carry you through to your next meal. Continue reading “5 Low Carb Peanut Butter Snacks”


How Many Carbs Can I Have in a Gestational Diabetes Snack?

High Carb Snack Food
If you have gestational diabetes, don't try this at home!

The Gestational Diabetes Snack

Eating the right foods is not the only important part of managing gestational diabetes.  We must strive to keep a steady supply of proteins and carbs throughout the day.  This means having three small meals and at least two small snacks, spaced evenly all day long.  Since you’re having two of them per day, your gestational diabetes snacks are pretty important in the scheme of things.

When I was first diagnosed with gestational diabetes, I was really upset with myself.  I felt like I should have done more to prevent it this time around.  I discovered after delivering a 9 pound, 10 ounce baby in 2010 that I had undiagnosed gestational diabetes with her.  We nearly lost her from the rough delivery and her difficulty breathing afterward.  I vowed to do a better job of taking care of myself this pregnancy after coming so close to tragedy last time. Continue reading “How Many Carbs Can I Have in a Gestational Diabetes Snack?”