Guide to Low Carb Eating Out: Know Before You Go

Dining OutLow carb eating out can be tricky, but sometimes you just have to have something on the go. There are quite a few possibilities at large chain restaurants, so low carb isn’t entirely impossible, just difficult. If you are craving fast food or an evening out, the following guide to low carb eating out can get you some ideas and help you prepare for some good eats that won’t break your diet.

General Low Carb Eating Out Tips

If you’re headed to a new restaurant and are not sure what’s on the menu, there are a couple of ways you can keep a lower carb count while still enjoying the food. Continue reading “Guide to Low Carb Eating Out: Know Before You Go”


Low Carb Tortillas: Say Hello to Burritos Again

TortillasOne of the foods I miss most on my gestational diabetes diet is burritos.  Nothing says comfort and easy cooking like burritos, but with more than 30 grams of carbs per traditional flour tortilla, burritos are a thing of the past for most people on a low carb diet.

I was so happy to discover low carb tortillas and a return to my wayward eating habits!  Surprisingly, they are inexpensive too, so even low carb dieters on a budget can enjoy burritos, enchiladas and quesadillas again.  I have researched several brands of low carb tortillas and have summarized the different brands available.  If you have found a brand not listed here or would like to share other ideas, please feel free to leave a comment below – I would love your input! Continue reading “Low Carb Tortillas: Say Hello to Burritos Again”