List of Carbs in Fruit

fruit bowl photoThis is an exhaustive list of carbs in fruit with data compiled from the USDA nutrition database, including many fruits I’d never even heard of! I went through and removed duplicates and processed fruits, leaving only the raw or, in the cases of no other listings, some cooked options.

The serving is determined by the USDA’s average household serving and the amount of carbs and fiber in each fruit are based on that serving size. The weight in grams is included too to help you better define the serving amount.
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List of Carbs in Vegetables, with Fiber Counts

vegetables photoThis is meant to be a comprehensive list of all readily available vegetables, along with the total grams of carbs and fiber in a typical serving size, which is noted for each vegetable.

You can sort the contents of each table, which can be helpful if you’re looking for a particular carb count or vegetable.  Each table can be searched to pull up a vegetable by name.

The list was manually pared down and categorize from 788 results in the USDA food composition database.  Unless otherwise noted, the information is for the vegetables in their raw state.

Any entry with a “–” is where data wasn’t available.  Feel free to email me or leave a comment if you want something included here that isn’t already!

Carbs in Leafy Greens and Sprouts

Leafy vegetables, while admittedly not that great on their own (sorry, rabbits), pack a lot of nutrition in their dainty frames.  Something we began experimenting with this last summer is fermenting greens like lambsquarter and spinach.  I was blown away by the taste and found myself looking forward to including them in meals.
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Common Sense Low Carb Breakfast Ideas

breakfast photo
Photo by congerdesign (Pixabay)

Breakfast is probably the hardest meal of the day to stick to low carb options.  In our traditional Western diet, carbs and breakfast seem to be inseparable.  Biscuits and gravy, cereal, oatmeal, even toast; they all have too many carbs for typical low carb parameters.

How Many Carbs for a Low Carb Breakfast?

If you’re diabetic, your doctor will have made a specific carb plan for you.  When I had gestational diabetes, my doctor’s goal was for me to stay under 20 carbs for breakfast.  This can be a challenging number to hit, but our bodies process sugars differently earlier in the day and in terms of all day blood sugar control, breakfast is definitely the most important meal.
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Low Carb Bread: The Definitive Guide

Miniature Food Bread BasketWhen you start eating low carb, bread is probably one of the things you miss the most.  I know I sure did.  While you can indulge in regular bread on occasion, it tends to take up a lot of your carb allotment without adding much in the way of nutritional value.  Fortunately, companies are hearing our pleas and more and more low carb bread options are becoming available.

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Yacon Syrup: More Than Just a Low Carb Sugar Substitute

In the quest for the best diabetic food, I recently came across perhaps one of the most powerful, natural diabetic super foods: yacon.  Yacon syrup, in particular, is a great sweetener that  can be used in cooking just like molasses or honey.  Research suggests that yacon can not only help manage blood sugar, but also significantly reduce body weight.  Not only that, but it can also lower cholesterol and is indicated in studies to be particularly effective as an antioxidant to help fight diabetes.  If all that weren’t enough, yacon also contains a prebiotic, encouraging growth of beneficial bacteria to help improve gut function.

What is Yacon?

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Low Carb Noodles: Shirataki and Other Pasta Choices for Diabetics

Happy PastaLike many things we give up on a diabetic diet, pasta seems to be a difficult one to overcome. Many people are looking to replace traditional noodles with low carb noodles that they can eat without fear of blood sugar spikes. Fortunately, manufacturers are answering the call and there are many more options on the market than ever before. Continue reading “Low Carb Noodles: Shirataki and Other Pasta Choices for Diabetics”


Sugar Alcohol: A Good Low Carb Sugar Option?

Gute LuiseWe have become so conditioned to eat sugar that going without it is not only painful, but also extremely challenging. Go down the processed food aisle, and you would be hard pressed to find processed foods that don’t contain some form of sugar, whether it is plain cane sugar or any of the other sugars ending in “-ose.” When you start a low carb diet, many sweet foods can be eliminated or healthier fruit options substituted, but if you’re like me there are just some things you aren’t willing to forego, such as coffee. There is a reason sugar substitutes are so popular, but with health concerns arising about products such as sucralose, there must be another low carb sugar option. Continue reading “Sugar Alcohol: A Good Low Carb Sugar Option?”


Top 5 Low Carb Shakes for Atkins and Low Carb Diets

You know what I love? Simplicity. And fast food. When you’re on a low carb diet, those things are not really great options anymore, but if you shift your priorities a bit, you will find the simplicity and fast food you need in low carb shakes. Low carb shakes are so good for breakfast when you’re crabby and not in the mood to deal with cooking, or when you’re on the go at lunch. Keep a few in the fridge at work and at home, and you can avoid a big slip when you’re craving a quick meal and don’t want the hassle of cooking. Continue reading “Top 5 Low Carb Shakes for Atkins and Low Carb Diets”


Low Carb Products Online: Buy Low Carb Foods From the Comfort of Your Home

Ordering OnlineWho has the time to go shopping at specialty stores in the hopes that they carry low carb food that tastes good? Thankfully, Amazon has a staggering variety of low carb products online, so you can shop from the comfort of your home. Many of their items are available with Subscribe & Save, which means you can get a discount by signing up to receive them at regular intervals. This can be a huge money saver if you choose your low carb products carefully.
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Spaghetti Squash: A Delicious, Healthy Alternative to Low Carb Pasta

img_2859_2009One of the things I miss on a low carb diet is a big, fat bowl of spaghetti.  Pasta is really not an option, unless you buy low carb pasta, which can be expensive and still doesn’t add much nutritional value to a meal.  So for quite a while, I have foregone any kind of pasta meal, even though my pantry is full of delicious spaghetti sauce.  Talk about torment!  And then it occurred to me: spaghetti squash would make an excellent alternative to low carb pasta! Continue reading “Spaghetti Squash: A Delicious, Healthy Alternative to Low Carb Pasta”