List of Carbs in Fruit

fruit bowl photoThis is an exhaustive list of carbs in fruit with data compiled from the USDA nutrition database, including many fruits I’d never even heard of! I went through and removed duplicates and processed fruits, leaving only the raw or, in the cases of no other listings, some cooked options.

The serving is determined by the USDA’s average household serving and the amount of carbs and fiber in each fruit are based on that serving size. The weight in grams is included too to help you better define the serving amount.

The table can be sorted by any of its headers, so you can alphabetize, reverse alphabetize or sort by lowest and highest of the other columns. You can search for a food by name to quickly maneuver through the list. There are over 100 fruits listed so you can click the Next button at the bottom to load the rest.

If you don’t see something on the list and you want me to add it, feel free to drop me a line or leave a comment below!

List of Carbs in Fruit

Abiyuch1140.5 cup20.066
Acerola, (west indian cherry)981.0 cup7.541.1
Apples, dried, sulfured861.0 cup56.677.5
Apples, fuji, with skin1091.0 cup, sliced16.592.3
Apples, gala, with skin1091.0 cup, sliced14.912.5
Apples, golden delicious, with skin1091.0 cup, sliced14.822.6
Apples, granny smith, with skin1091.0 cup, sliced14.833.1
Apples, red delicious, with skin1091.0 cup, sliced15.332.5
Applesauce, canned, sweetened2461.0 cup43.033
Applesauce, canned, unsweetened2441.0 cup27.52.7
Apricots, dried, sulfured1301.0 cup, halves81.439.5
Apricots1551.0 cup, halves17.243.1
Avocados1501.0 cup, cubes12.7910.1
Bananas, dehydrated1001.0 cup88.289.9
Bananas2251.0 cup, mashed51.395.8
Blackberries, frozen1511.0 cup23.667.5
Blackberries1441.0 cup13.847.6
Blueberries1481.0 cup21.453.6
Boysenberries, frozen1321.0 cup16.097
Breadfruit2201.0 cup59.6610.8
Carambola, (starfruit)1321.0 cup, cubes8.883.7
Carissa, (natal-plum)1501.0 cup slices20.45--
Cherimoya1601.0 cup, pieces28.344.8
Cherries, sour, red1551.0 cup, without pits18.882.5
Cherries, sweet1381.0 cup, with pits, yields22.092.9
Cherries, tart, dried, sweetened400.25 cup32.181
Clementines741.0 fruit8.891.3
Crabapples1101.0 cup slices21.95--
Cranberries1101.0 cup, chopped13.174
Cranberry sauce, canned, sweetened2771.0 cup111.913
Currants, european black1121.0 cup17.23--
Currants, red and white1121.0 cup15.464.8
Currants, zante, dried1441.0 cup106.689.8
Dates, deglet noor1471.0 cup, chopped110.2911.8
Dates, medjool241.0 date, pitted17.991.6
Durian or frozen2431.0 cup, chopped or diced65.839.2
Elderberries1451.0 cup26.6810.2
Feijoa2431.0 cup, pureed36.9615.6
Figs, dried, uncooked1491.0 cup95.1714.6
Figs641.0 large (2-1/2" dia)12.281.9
Goji berries, dried285.0 tbsp21.583.6
Gooseberries1501.0 cup15.276.5
Grapefruit, pink and red, all areas2301.0 cup sections, with juice24.523.7
Grapes, american type (slip skin)921.0 cup15.780.8
Grapes, muscadine61.0 grape0.840.2
Grapes, red or green1511.0 cup27.331.4
Groundcherries1401.0 cup15.68--
Guavas, common1651.0 cup23.638.9
Horned melon (Kiwano)2331.0 cup17.61--
Jackfruit1651.0 cup, sliced38.362.5
Java-plum, (jambolan)1351.0 cup21.01--
Kiwifruit, green1801.0 cup, sliced26.395.4
Kumquats191.0 fruit without refuse3.021.2
Lemon juice2441.0 cup16.840.7
Lemon peel61.0 tbsp0.960.6
Lemons, without peel2121.0 cup, sections19.765.9
Lime juice2421.0 cup20.381
Limes671.0 fruit (2" dia)7.061.9
Litchis, dried2.51.0 fruit1.770.1
Litchis1901.0 cup31.412.5
Loganberries, frozen1471.0 cup19.147.8
Longans3.21.0 fruit without refuse0.480
Loquats1491.0 cup, cubed18.092.5
Mammy-apple, (mamey)8461.0 fruit without refuse105.7525.4
Mangos1651.0 cup pieces24.722.6
Maraschino cherries, canned, drained51.0 cherry (NLEA serving)2.10.2
Melons, cantaloupe1771.0 cup, balls14.441.6
Melons, casaba1701.0 cup, cubes11.191.5
Melons, honeydew1701.0 cup, diced15.451.4
Mulberries1401.0 cup13.722.4
Nance, frozen, unsweetened1121.0 cup without pits19.018.4
Naranjilla (lulo) pulp, frozen1201.0 cup thawed7.081.3
Nectarines1431.0 cup slices15.092.4
Oheloberries1401.0 cup9.58--
Olives, pickled, canned or bottled, green2.71.0 olive0.10.1
Olives, ripe, canned (jumbo-super colossal)151.0 super colossal0.840.4
Olives, ripe, canned (small-extra large)8.41.0 tbsp0.530.3
Orange peel61.0 tbsp1.50.6
Oranges1801.0 cup, sections21.154.3
Papayas1451.0 cup 1" pieces15.692.5
Passion-fruit, (granadilla), purple2361.0 cup55.1824.5
Peaches, dried, sulfured1601.0 cup, halves98.1313.1
Peaches, yellow1541.0 cup slices14.692.3
Pears, asian1221.0 fruit12.994.4
Pears, dried, sulfured1801.0 cup, halves125.4613.5
Pears, bartlett1401.0 cup, sliced21.014.3
Pears, bosc1401.0 cup, sliced22.544.3
Pears, green anjou1401.0 cup, sliced22.114.3
Pears, red anjou1261.0 small18.823.8
Persimmons, japanese, dried341.0 fruit without refuse24.974.9
Persimmons, japanese1681.0 fruit (2-1/2" dia)31.236
Persimmons, native251.0 fruit without refuse8.38--
Pineapple, all varieties1651.0 cup, chunks21.652.3
Pitanga, (surinam-cherry)1731.0 cup12.96--
Plantains, green, fried1181.0 cup58.024.1
Plantains1481.0 cup, sliced47.23.4
Plums, dried (prunes)1741.0 cup, pitted111.1512.4
Plums1651.0 cup, sliced18.842.3
Pomegranates870.5 cup arils16.273.5
Prickly pears1491.0 cup14.265.4
Pummelo1901.0 cup, sections18.281.9
Quinces921.0 fruit without refuse14.081.7
Raisins, golden seedless1651.0 cup, packed131.216.6
Raisins, seeded1651.0 cup, packed129.4811.2
Raisins, seedless1651.0 cup, packed130.656.1
Raspberries1231.0 cup14.698
Rhubarb1221.0 cup, diced5.542.2
Roselle571.0 cup, without refuse6.45--
Rowal1140.5 cup27.257.1
Sapodilla2411.0 cup, pulp48.112.8
Sapote, mamey1751.0 cup 1" pieces56.179.5
Soursop2251.0 cup, pulp37.897.4
Strawberries1521.0 cup, halves11.673
Sugar-apples, (sweetsop)2501.0 cup, pulp59.111
Tamarinds1201.0 cup, pulp756.1
Tangerines, (mandarin oranges)1951.0 cup, sections26.013.5
Watermelon1541.0 cup, balls11.630.6

You can use this list of carbs in fruit to help find ingredients for cooking. In the future, I hope to further break down each food and include links to recipes, but that’s a massive project so it will take some time to pull together.  In the meantime, I hope this list will help you in your search for low carb food – there are a surprising number of low carb fruits on here.  Paired with a fat or protein, they make a great snack option.

As always, I love reader feedback so if you have any suggestions or something you’d like me to write about, please do let me know!

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