List of Carbs in Vegetables, with Fiber Counts

vegetables photoThis is meant to be a comprehensive list of all readily available vegetables, along with the total grams of carbs and fiber in a typical serving size, which is noted for each vegetable.

You can sort the contents of each table, which can be helpful if you’re looking for a particular carb count or vegetable.  Each table can be searched to pull up a vegetable by name.

The list was manually pared down and categorize from 788 results in the USDA food composition database.  Unless otherwise noted, the information is for the vegetables in their raw state.

Any entry with a “–” is where data wasn’t available.  Feel free to email me or leave a comment if you want something included here that isn’t already!

Carbs in Leafy Greens and Sprouts

Leafy vegetables, while admittedly not that great on their own (sorry, rabbits), pack a lot of nutrition in their dainty frames.  Something we began experimenting with this last summer is fermenting greens like lambsquarter and spinach.  I was blown away by the taste and found myself looking forward to including them in meals.

Fermented or raw, leafy greens can be added to soups, stir fries, scrambled eggs, burritos and sandwiches for a low carb filler that adds a surprisingly large amount of vitamins and minerals.  Best of all, look at the table below and see those very tiny carb amounts – that’s a lot of food without any guilt.

One leafy green that never fails to satisfy is stinging nettles.  I’ve only recently discovered this delightful plant and I can’t get enough of it.  The taste is so rich and delicious.  I dry it and put it in rice, soup and any other savory dish where greens would be appropriate.

Leafy Vegetable/SproutWeight (g)ServingCarbsFiber
Alfalfa seeds, sprouted331.0 cup0.690.6
Amaranth leaves281.0 cup1.13--
Arugula21.0 leaf0.070
Balsam-pear (bitter gourd), leafy tips41.0 leaf0.13--
Bamboo shoots1511.0 cup (1/2" slices)7.853.3
Beet greens381.0 cup1.651.4
Borage891.0 cup (1" pieces)2.72--
Broccoli raab401.0 cup chopped1.141.1
Brussels sprouts881.0 cup7.883.3
Cabbage, chinese (pak-choi)701.0 cup, shredded1.530.7
Cabbage, chinese (pe-tsai)761.0 cup, shredded2.450.9
Cabbage, napa, cooked1091.0 cup2.43--
Cabbage891.0 cup, chopped5.162.2
Cabbage, red891.0 cup, chopped6.561.9
Cabbage, savoy701.0 cup, shredded4.272.2
Chard, swiss361.0 cup1.350.6
Chicory greens291.0 cup, chopped1.361.2
Chrysanthemum leaves511.0 cup, chopped1.541.5
Collards361.0 cup, chopped1.951.4
Coriander (cilantro) leaves40.25 cup0.150.1
Cornsalad561.0 cup2.02--
Cowpeas, leafy tips361.0 cup, chopped1.74--
Cress, garden501.0 cup2.750.6
Dandelion greens551.0 cup, chopped5.061.9
Dock1331.0 cup, chopped4.263.9
Drumstick leaves211.0 cup, chopped1.740.4
Endive250.5 cup, chopped0.840.8
Epazote0.81.0 tbsp0.060
Eppaw1001.0 cup31.68--
Escarole, boiled1501.0 cup4.614.2
Fireweed, leaves231.0 cup, chopped4.422.4
Grape leaves141.0 cup2.421.5
Jute, potherb281.0 cup1.62--
Kale161.0 cup 1" pieces1.40.6
Lambsquarters, boiled1801.0 cup, chopped93.8
Lemon grass (citronella)671.0 cup16.96--
Lettuce, butterhead551.0 cup, shredded or chopped1.230.6
Lettuce, cos or romaine471.0 cup shredded1.551
Lettuce, green leaf361.0 cup shredded1.030.5
Lettuce, iceberg721.0 cup shredded2.140.9
Lettuce, red leaf281.0 cup shredded0.630.3
Mustard greens561.0 cup, chopped2.621.8
New Zealand spinach561.0 cup, chopped1.40.8
Nopales861.0 cup, sliced2.861.9
Onion greens61.0 tbsp0.340.1
Parsley, fresh601.0 cup chopped3.82
Pokeberry shoots, (poke)1601.0 cup5.922.7
Pumpkin leaves391.0 cup0.91--
Purslane431.0 cup1.46--
Radicchio401.0 cup, shredded1.790.4
Radish seeds, sprouted381.0 cup1.37--
Salsify, (vegetable oyster)1331.0 cup slices24.744.4
Sauerkraut, canned, solids and liquids1421.0 cup6.084.1
Seaweed, agar102.0 tbsp (1/8 cup)0.680.1
Seaweed, kelp102.0 tbsp (1/8 cup)0.960.1
Seaweed, laver2610.0 sheets1.330.1
Seaweed, spirulina, dried1121.0 cup26.774
Seaweed, wakame102.0 tbsp (1/8 cup)0.910.1
Spinach301.0 cup1.090.7
Stinging nettles, blanched440.5 cup3.333.1
Swamp cabbage, (skunk cabbage)561.0 cup, chopped1.761.2
Sweet potato leaves351.0 cup, chopped3.091.9
Taro leaves281.0 cup1.881
Tree fern, cooked, without salt710.5 cup, chopped7.82.6
Turnip greens551.0 cup, chopped3.921.8
Watercress341.0 cup, chopped0.440.2

Carbs in Vegetables Classified as Fruits

Many vegetables are botanically classified as fruits because of the way they produce their edibles.  These are among the most versatile vegetables, particularly tomatoes which can be used in almost every vegetable dish as a paste or sauce.  I have bags of last summer’s tomatoes frozen; I like to dump several of them whole in soups or stews and crush them after they’re cooked for a thickening zing in any soup.


Vegetable FruitsWeight (g)ServingCarbsFiber
Chayote, fruit1321.0 cup (1" pieces)5.952.2
Corn, sweet, white731.0 ear, small13.882
Corn, sweet, yellow1451.0 cup27.112.9
Cucumber, peeled1331.0 cup, pared, chopped2.870.9
Cucumber, with peel520.5 cup slices1.890.3
Drumstick pods1001.0 cup slices8.533.2
Eggplant821.0 cup, cubes4.822.5
Hearts of palm, canned1461.0 cup6.753.5
Okra1001.0 cup7.453.2
Pepper, banana1241.0 cup6.634.2
Peppers, ancho, dried171.0 pepper8.743.7
Peppers, chili, green, canned1391.0 cup6.392.4
Peppers, hot chili, green451.0 pepper4.260.7
Peppers, hot chili, red451.0 pepper3.960.7
Peppers, hungarian271.0 pepper1.810.3
Peppers, jalapeno901.0 cup, sliced5.852.5
Peppers, serrano1051.0 cup, chopped7.043.9
Peppers, sweet, green1491.0 cup, chopped6.912.5
Peppers, sweet, red1491.0 cup, chopped8.983.1
Peppers, sweet, yellow1861.0 pepper, large11.761.7
Pickles, cucumber, dill or kosher dill351.0 spear, small0.840.3
Pickles, cucumber, sweet1601.0 cup, chopped33.841.6
Tomatillos341.0 medium1.990.6
Tomatoes, green1801.0 cup9.182
Tomatoes, orange1581.0 cup, chopped5.021.4
Tomatoes, red1491.0 cup cherry tomatoes5.81.8
Tomatoes, yellow1391.0 cup, chopped4.141

Carbs in Edible Flowers

One of my favorite vegetables is in this list: broccoli.  There are a great number of edible flowers, but not a great deal of nutrition data on them.  It’s a fairly safe bet that most edible flowers are going to be low in carbs, but they aren’t popular enough to warrant nutritional analysis.  Common flowers include clover, dandelion, nasturtium, chamomile, daylily and yarrow.  They add color and unique flavors to foods and a good deal of them also contain medicinal properties, like chamomile’s soothing effects, for example.

Flower VegetablesWeight (g)ServingCarbsFiber
Artichokes1281.0 artichoke, medium13.456.9
Broccoli, flower clusters711.0 cup flowerets3.591.6
Broccoli911.0 cup chopped6.042.4
Broccoli, stalks1141.0 stalk5.97--
Butterbur, (fuki)941.0 cup3.39--
Cardoon1781.0 cup, shredded7.242.8
Cauliflower1071.0 cup chopped (1/2" pieces)5.322.1
Pumpkin flowers331.0 cup1.08--
Sesbania flower31.0 flower0.2--

Carbs in Legumes

Legumes encompass a variety of foods you can eat fresh or dried, like soup beans.  In this category, we have green beans, snap peas and many dried beans.  While dried beans tend to be higher in carbs, they also have high protein and great fiber.  Inclusion of these in soups that are heavy in vegetables will give you necessary protein without contributing a lot to carb counts – it’s all about portions.

Beans also make one of my favorite snacks, hummus, a delicious dip and spread that can be used in almost anything.

LegumesWeight (g)ServingCarbsFiber
Beans, fava, in pod1261.0 cup22.219.4
Beans, kidney, sprouted1841.0 cup7.54--
Beans, navy, sprouted1041.0 cup13.57--
Beans, pinto, immature seeds, frozen940.333 package (10 oz)30.555.4
Beans, shellie, canned, solids and liquids2451.0 cup15.178.3
Beans, snap, green1001.0 cup 1/2" pieces6.972.7
Beans, snap, yellow1001.0 cup 1/2" pieces7.133.4
Broadbeans, immature seeds1091.0 cup12.754.6
Cowpeas (blackeyes), immature seeds1451.0 cup27.37.2
Cowpeas, young pods with seeds941.0 cup8.933.1
Edamame, frozen, unprepared1181.0 cup8.985.7
Hyacinth-beans, immature seeds801.0 cup7.352.6
Lentils, sprouted771.0 cup17.05--
Lima beans, immature seeds1561.0 cup31.477.6
Mung beans, mature seeds, sprouted1041.0 cup6.181.9
Peas, edible-podded981.0 cup, chopped7.42.5
Peas, green1451.0 cup20.958.3
Peas, mature seeds, sprouted1201.0 cup32.53--
Pigeonpeas, immature seeds1541.0 cup36.787.9
Soybeans, green2561.0 cup28.2910.8
Soybeans, mature seeds, sprouted350.5 cup3.350.4
Winged beans, immature seeds441.0 cup slices1.9--
Yardlong bean911.0 cup slices7.6--

Carbs in Mushrooms

One of my favorite spring activities is going up in the woods to forage for morels.  In late summer, coral mushrooms are an unexpected delight when everything else is so dry.  In addition to being fun to forage, mushrooms are a delicious, low carb salad topping, soup ingredient and even a snack by themselves.

MushroomsWeight (g)ServingCarbsFiber
Jew's ear, (pepeao)991.0 cup slices6.68--
Brown, Italian, or Crimini871.0 cup whole3.740.5
Chanterelle541.0 cup3.72.1
Enoki51.0 large0.390.1
Maitake701.0 cup diced4.881.9
Morel661.0 cup3.371.8
Oyster1481.0 large9.013.4
Portabella861.0 cup diced3.331.1
Shiitake191.0 piece whole1.290.5
White701.0 cup, pieces or slices2.280.7

Carbs in Root Crops

Ah, potato, why do you taunt me so with your delicious, comforting flavor?  While off the table for some low carbers, potatoes can be an inexpensive filler to main dishes. The other root crops, such as turnips, carrots and onions, are indispensable additions in most pantries and one of the best things about cozying up indoors during a long winter (which we’re currently in, it’s snowing as I type), if you ask me.

Some, such as burdock, arrowroot, chicory and garlic are potent medicinal plants as well.

Root CropsWeight (g)ServingCarbsFiber
Arrowhead251.0 large5.06--
Arrowroot1201.0 cup, sliced16.071.6
Beets1361.0 cup133.8
Burdock root1181.0 cup (1" pieces)20.463.9
Carrots1281.0 cup chopped12.263.6
Cassava2061.0 cup78.43.7
Celeriac1561.0 cup14.352.8
Chicory roots601.0 root10.510.9
Garlic1361.0 cup44.962.9
Ginger root21.0 tsp0.360
Jerusalem-artichokes1501.0 cup slices26.162.4
Lotus root8110.0 slices (2-1/2" dia)13.964
Mountain yam, hawaii680.5 cup, cubes11.081.7
Onions1601.0 cup, chopped14.942.7
Scallions1001.0 cup, chopped7.342.6
Parsnips1331.0 cup slices23.936.5
Potatoes, flesh and skin750.5 cup, diced13.121.6
Potatoes, skin381.0 skin4.730.9
Potatoes, red, flesh and skin750.5 cup, diced11.931.3
Potatoes, russet, flesh and skin750.5 cup, diced13.551
Potatoes, white, flesh and skin750.5 cup, diced11.781.8
Radishes1161.0 cup slices3.941.9
Radishes, white icicle500.5 cup slices1.310.7
Rutabagas1401.0 cup, cubes12.073.2
Shallots101.0 tbsp chopped1.680.3
Sweet potato1331.0 cup, cubes26.764
Taro1041.0 cup, sliced27.524.3
Turnips1301.0 cup, cubes8.362.3
Wasabi, root1301.0 cup, sliced30.610.1
Waterchestnuts, chinese, (matai)620.5 cup slices14.841.9
Yam1501.0 cup, cubes41.826.2
Yambean (jicama)1201.0 cup slices10.585.9
Yautia (tannier)1351.0 cup, sliced31.92

Carbs in Squash Plants

Squash plants are a mainstay in our home.  In summer, I dry the abundant zucchini for use in winter soups and a nutritional boost for our dogs.  Winter squashes, true to their name, make great cold weather fare, staying good to eat almost until the new growth of spring.  They can be turned into soups, baked for a sweet dessert treat or, in the case of zucchini, used in just about every dish you can imagine, from faux apple pie to hamburger boats.

Squash PlantsWeight (g)ServingCarbsFiber
Gourd, dishcloth (towelgourd)951.0 cup (1" pieces)4.131
Gourd, white-flowered (calabash)580.5 cup (1" pieces)1.970.3
Kanpyo, (dried gourd strips)6.31.0 strip4.10.6
Pumpkin1161.0 cup (1" cubes)7.540.6
Crookneck and straightneck1271.0 cup sliced4.931.3
Scallop1301.0 cup slices4.991.6
Zucchini, includes skin1241.0 cup, chopped3.861.2
Acorn1401.0 cup, cubes14.592.1
Butternut1401.0 cup, cubes16.372.8
Hubbard1161.0 cup, cubes10.094.5
Spaghetti1011.0 cup, cubes6.981.5
Waxgourd, (chinese preserving melon)1321.0 cup, cubes3.963.8

Carbs in Stems and Bulbs

Stems like asparagus are among the most nutritional vegetables you can eat, their roots drawing deep into the soil to draw up nutrients other plants can’t get to.  Leeks, fennel and celery turn ordinary dishes into something with incredible flavor and texture.  All low carb, these vegetables bring the flavor of the seasons to your cooking.

Stems & BulbsWeight (g)ServingCarbsFiber
Asparagus1341.0 cup5.22.8
Celery1011.0 cup chopped31.6
Celtuce81.0 leaf0.290.1
Chives31.0 tbsp chopped0.130.1
Fennel, bulb871.0 cup, sliced6.352.7
Kohlrabi1351.0 cup8.374.9
Leeks, (bulb and lower leaf-portion)891.0 cup12.591.6
Taro shoots430.5 cup slices1--

I hope this helped you find a vegetable for your next meal.  Let me know if you have improvements to suggest.

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