Low Carb Cabbage Stir Fry Recipe



This cabbage stir fry is what we had for dinner tonight and it was great, plus easy, the two requirements for grub in this house. I can’t say it looks all that appetizing, but trust me, it is.

Altogether, it takes about 10 minutes to make, between the cutting and frying. The veggies can all be substituted for whatever you like – the main part is the cabbage and protein, which can be eggs, chicken, pork or some other meat. Rabbit would make it a low carb low fat dinner and rabbit tastes great!

Low Carb Cabbage Stir Fry Recipe

-1/2 a small purple cabbage
-4 or so eggs (or 1-2 cups chicken)
-1 cup celery
-1/2 a medium onion
-1/2 cup bell peppers
-1/4 cup lacto-fermented ginger carrots added after cooking (or just carrots, but I like the zing, see recipe here)
-garlic powder to taste
-salt & pepper
-a generous sprinkling of chia seeds and ground flax seed, just because

Stir fry the veggies, except the carrots, because heat kills the enzymes in them. Push everything to the side, scramble the eggs (I’d cook chicken first, remove it and then add it back in after veggies are done if you sub with that), mix it all together, remove from heat and then add the lacto carrots and both seeds.

Total carb count for the entire skillet is 45.9, slightly less if you sub chicken. This makes about four servings, or not quite 12 grams of carbs per serving. How’s that for a low carb dinner?

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