Low Carb Crackers: Ryvita Crispbread Review

Purely by chance, I happened across some Ryvita Sunflower Seeds & Oats crackers at my local grocery store the other day.  They looked scrumptiously natural and healthy, and with just 14 grams of carbs (10 net grams) for two crackers, they seemed a perfect cracker to pair with cheese slices for an afternoon snack.  After munching on them for a couple of days, I’ve come to the conclusion that these might just be one of the best low carb crackers in the world.

The picture on the Ryvita package shows these crackers with cheese and apple slices and that sure seems like a tasty treat.  I tried them with plain slices of cheddar cheese and my first thought was that they were a bit dry.  A few bites in, however, and I could taste the subtle seedy goodness of the sunflowers and the wonderful texture of the oats. My four-year old son tried the cracker alone and said, “That’s gross, Mom!” but decided later that he liked it with cheese and was upset when I wouldn’t give him more. My two-year old daughter liked it right away with cheese.

Ryvita Crispbread comes in several delectable varieties:

  • Sweet Onion (8.5 carbs per slice)
  • Cracked Black Pepper (7.3 carbs per slice)
  • Original (6.7 carbs per slice)
  • Dark Rye (6.7 carbs per slice)
  • Sesame (5.8 carbs per slice)
  • Multigrain (6.2 carbs per slice)
  • Sunflower Seed & Oats (7 carbs per slice)
  • Pumpkin Seeds & Oats (6.7 carbs per slice)
  • Fruit Crunch (9.3 carbs per slice)
  • Hint of Chili (8 carbs per slice)
  • Mediterranean Herb (9.8 carbs per slice)

Each cracker is roughly two by four inches (I don’t have a ruler, but that’s my guess), so getting two of those big boys with some cheese is a very adequate snack to hold off hunger until dinner.  You could pair Ryvita crispbread crackers with hummus, cold cuts, cream cheese, fruit or even a little dab of jam.  You could use these crackers instead of bread to make a low carb sandwich – they’re certainly large enough.

The package contains 16 crackers, or eight good snacks.  At a price of $3.24 per package (when you buy a 10-pack) on Amazon, that works out to $.41 per snack.  For the size of the crackers, the way they fill you up nicely without adding carbs and the number of different flavors, I’d say Ryvita crispbread crackers are a winner in the low carb snack department.

While there are probably more delicious crackers out there, I was really pleasantly surprised by these and plan to continue buying them.  Amazon has more varieties than my local store, and I’m seriously eyeballing the Fruit and Seed type for my next purchase.

Update I literally just finished eating a Ryvita Fruit and Seed cracker. OMG. Go buy these. Seriously. Here’s the conversation between my four-year old son and I: He takes his first bite, yells out, “Delicious!” to which I responded, “These are amazing!” His reply? “These are the best crackers ever!” He ate his without toppings. I got the cream cheese out of the freezer to defrost, but didn’t wait that long, so I had plain cheddar again. They’re awesome! A little bit of sweet, a lot of crunchy and an amazing amount of taste for something “healthy.” A little higher in carbs, they have 19 grams for two crackers (15 net), but if you’re trying to stay under 20 for snacks, you’ve got it with these.

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