Low Carb Snacks for Diabetics

ms. independentWhen I first began this site, it was intended to provide an easy list of low carb snacks for diabetics, and I remain true to that goal today, though with a few side trips. 🙂  Let’s face it: eating is hard when you’re a diabetic.  When you first get that diagnosis, it is like the world is closing in, and suddenly everything changes.  At first, it seems like a death sentence, like life as you know it will forever change into something miserable, flavorless, and full of rules.  As time goes on, though, your outlook starts to change, and things don’t seem so bad after all.  To get to that point, however, you need an easy path to take to help make good choices.  This site, and this post about low carb snacks for diabetics, will help you make easy choices that don’t require a lot of thought, time or effort to enjoy.

What Are Low Carb Snacks for Diabetics?

There is a lot to know about diabetic dieting. To get started, read the five most important things to know about low carb snacks. You have to understand the “why” to start learning the “how” of low carb eating. It is easy to get caught up in a numbers game of counting carbs, and while that is important, the biggest thing to take into consideration is how those carbs affect your blood sugar. Each of us is different, so it will take a lot of trial and error to find the right foods for you. A low carb food is not just decided by the numbers, but by its impact on blood sugar.

Choosing Low Carb Snacks for Diabetics

You will hear a ton of opinions on how to eat. In our family, we tend to subscribe to the conclusions of Weston Price‘s studies, opting for whole, natural foods with a substantial amount of animal products. Remember that meat, eggs and fish all have no carbs, so when planning for meals and snacks, opt for more of those in your diet and you will struggle less with playing the numbers game. Because protein and fiber help slow the release of sugar into the blood, pairing your carb foods with high protein and high fiber foods will also help keep blood sugar level.

While some will tell you that fruits are bad on a low carb diet, others argue that whole fruits are good for because they contain fiber and vital nutrients. See this video for more information. I agree that fruits are an integral part of a balanced diabetic diet, but caution you to eat them toward the end of the day when blood sugar control is better.

I have said before but it bears saying again, don’t focus too much on finding substitutes for what you are currently eating. It is hard to give up certain things, but struggling with disappointment after disappointment in trying to find something low carb that tastes the same way is a quick route to failure. Instead, embrace the opportunity to explore new foods and realize how many delicious snacks there are out there with no carbs. When we tried quitting sugar, it was simply amazing to me how much flavor foods have when your taste buds aren’t masked by all that sugar. It was like a whole new world of food and I loved it!

Arm Yourself with Knowledge

The more you know about how diabetes works and how foods interact in your body, the better equipped you will be to choose healthy low carb snacks that satisfy both your need for tasty foods and your body’s need for nutrition. When you feed it quality food, you will be surprised at how little you crave unhealthy things. Even now, after allowing some sugar back into my diet, I find that many of the foods I used to enjoy are sickly sweet and not enjoyable at all anymore.

Keep a List of Low Carb Snacks for Diabetics

I am compiling a list of low carb snacks that is intended as a resource to allow people to just glance and go, no major cooking or effort involved. I hate that I have to *think* so much about my diet, so I wanted to provide something to take all the thought out of food choices for others in my same situation. Keep track of your own favorite foods with a food journal that you can access easily when you want ideas. That is how most of my meal plans are made nowadays – I can glance at what has worked in the past to get ideas for what to make in the future.

When it comes to a diabetic diet, staying positive and committed to your health are the keys to being successful. It really does get better, and the benefits of controlled blood sugar, weight loss and overall better physical and mental health quickly make eating low carb worth the while.

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