Is Hummus Low Carb?

boyfriend bento 5-19-07I have noticed many searches on the question, “Is hummus low carb?”, so I wanted to write a post to address this. How you define hummus depends entirely on how you eat it. Hummus is not meant to be eaten alone like a sauce, but rather as a dip or spread to be enjoyed with another food. For that reason, even though hummus may seem to have a high carb count, it is actually low carb when taken in context.

One entire cup of hummus has 35 grams of carbs. You may look at that and think there’s no way we could say hummus is low carb, but have you ever sat down and tried to eat a whole cup of hummus? Talk about a bellyache! Also, it is important to consider that in that same cup of hummus, you are getting 20 grams of protein and 15 grams of fiber. Not many low carb snacks can boast such impressive numbers.

So, How Is Hummus Low Carb?
A recommended serving size is about one-quarter of a cup, served as a dip with crackers, carrots or celery. You can dip whatever sounds good – hummus is very versatile. One-quarter cup of hummus is low carb, at just 8.75 grams of carbs. Pair that with a fiber-packed healthy vegetable like carrots or celery, and you have a low carb snack that even super low carb dieters can enjoy.

My favorite way to eat hummus is not entirely low carb, but still falls below the suggested 20 carb serving size for low carb snacks. I like to take a handful of Mission tortilla chips and liberally dip them in my hummus. I will even eat that for lunch sometimes, and be all the happier for it.

With less than 10 grams of carbs per serving, along with a TON of fiber and protein, the question isn’t, “Is hummus low carb?” but rather, “How is hummus not low carb?”

4 thoughts on “Is Hummus Low Carb?”

    1. That sounds great! There’s a new avocado hummus at our local Huckleberry’s and it is the best tasting hummus I’ve ever had.

  1. I found a hummus recipe that I made last night and my family has gone crazy over! I eat it with radishes, green peppers, or what veggies I have handy. My son-in-law eats his on romaine lettuce leaves. I can eat a cup of it not as a snack but as a meal. So if hummus is high carb,(remember fiber counts in carb reduction totals) I still am eating healthier than chips or junk food. I’m making more tonight tonight! I’m hooked!!

    1. We loooove hummus here. We went to the market today and the first place my son stopped was the hummus. There isn’t much it won’t go with!

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