Video: Beat Sugar Addiction, ABC News Interview with Doctor Jacob Teitelbaum

Sugar in itself is not bad, but our consumption, quoted in this video at 150 pounds per year per person, is bad. Dr. Teitelbaum thinks we don’t need to cut sugar out completely, but instead “save it for dessert.” I agree with that. I think a strong attack on sugar addiction is important – cutting it out completely until your body recovers is a good plan, and then slowly allowing it back in, in moderation. This video talks about the four types of sugar addiction, their causes and treatments.

The video starts out by talking about how sugar addiction is every bit as real as an addiction to cigarettes or caffeine, something us sugar junkies already knew. 🙂

A quote from the doctor struck me as very true, “You want to enjoy your life, or why bother?”, which was in reference to limiting, but not eliminating, sugar intake. We completely cut out sugar for a time, and I thought we would stay that way, but I quickly realized that it is stressful to try to avoid sugar altogether. Our cupboard was nearly empty, because we just couldn’t find many choices that didn’t contain sugar. We now have it in moderation – instead of dessert or sweet treats at least once per day, we now have dessert a couple of times per week and find that not only do we enjoy that treat more, but we feel less guilty about having sugar this way.

Back to the video, Dr. Teitelbaum discusses the four types of sugar addiction:
Type 1 driven by fatigue (using energy drinks)
Type 2 driven by adrenal exhaustion (exhausted by the stress of life)
Type 3 driven by yeast overgrowth (sinusitis and spastic colon are signs of overgrowth) (side effects: fatigue, achiness, pain, brain fog, gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea). Use probiotics like acidophilus pearls. Yogurt is good but does not contain enough – you would need three gallons to equal one “pearl.”
Type 4 driven by depression/anxiety/hormone imbalance (fatigue, insomnia, brain fog are worse around period). Use edamame, black cohosh, bioidentical hormones to help improve hormone balance.

When talking about artificial sweeteners, the doc said Sweet ‘N Low is the best choice when you’re at a restaurant and contemplating the packets available. I sure wish erythritol would catch on better, because it’s great in coffee, and is all I can stand (stevia sucks in coffee).

His book, Beat Sugar Addiction Now, is available at Amazon on Kindle and paper formats:

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