I Really Miss My Low Carb Yogurt – What Are My Choices?

yogurt! I think I am still mourning the loss of my favorite yogurts. When you find a brand you like, it is difficult to leave it behind. That being said, since we have quit sugar, I feel much better about my health overall, so I feel like it is a fair trade. There are still times, however, when I really wish I had yogurt, so of course I had to find a way to get low carb yogurt the whole family could enjoy. Rejoice, low carbers, for there are options!

Low Carb Yogurt Brands

The first, and most obvious answer, is to seek out low carb options. As low carb dieting increases in popularity, so too do the options for us to find healthy, delicious foods that we can enjoy in our low carb plans. You don’t just have to go with low carb, however. Instead, opt for your favorite brands but cut the serving size down. This is a good option when you just can’t stand the craving anymore, which has happened to me on many occasions.

List of Low Carb Yogurt Brands

  • CarbMaster
  • Fage
  • Dannon Light and Fit
  • Greek Gods
  • Zoi Greek Yogurt
  • Kroger Brand Yogurt

Typically, the Greek varieties tend to have fewer carbs than standard yogurt, at least in my experience. During the last couple months of my pregnancy, Zoi yogurt got me through the day. I had a half cup of the vanilla flavor with three slices each of summer sausage and cheddar cheese. That was my lunch every day and I came to look forward to it all morning long. Most of you are probably not such creatures of habit, so fortunately those three foods are not the only options when it comes to low carb, but Zoi low carb yogurt is divine.

Use Plain Yogurt to Make Your Own Low Carb Yogurt

Another great and easy option is to make your own flavors by using plain yogurt from the store. If you use a sweetener such as Stevia, Splenda, or erythritol (my personal preference), you can add that to taste. Then, add your choice of flavor, such as coffee, berry or vanilla. Flavoring plain yogurt is really easy and totally customizable. Best of all, it takes little extra time out of your busy day but gives you low carb yogurt you will actually enjoy.

Best Option Ever: Make Your Own Low Carb Yogurt

Making your own low carb yogurt is so easy and fun, even kids can do it. Making your own gives you complete control over the entire process, so you can be 100% sure your yogurt is healthy and free from chemicals and harmful additives. You don’t have to have fancy equipment to get started, but having a yogurt maker will streamline the process. You can do it like we do, with a plain old Stanley thermos on your counter. It is easy to forget that before the food industry sprouted up, we actually made all of this stuff at home anyway. A little ingenuity and elbow grease goes a long way.

To make your own yogurt, you need a starter, which can be just a tablespoon of plain yogurt from the store, as long as it is made with “live active cultures.” Take milk of your choosing — cow or goat, typically — and heat to 185 degrees F, then cool to 110 degrees and put it in the thermos with the culture, which doesn’t get added until this step, shake a little, cap and let sit overnight. By morning, you should have creamy yogurt. You can tell because it will smell like yogurt. Now, mix your flavors in, chill in the fridge and enjoy!

If that is too many steps, try using kefir as an alternative to low carb yogurt. Kefir is incredibly healthful, containing far more good bacteria strains than yogurt, and is cultured by placing the kefir grains in milk and leaving it on the counter for 24 hours. Strain the grains into a new jar, add milk again, and the next day you’ll have another batch of kefir. I keep kefir going all the time to feed to animals too – it’s a miracle cure for what ails you.

Whether you make your own, buy premade or mix your own flavors from plain yogurt, low carb yogurt is one of those foods you should make room for in your diet. It contains so many helpful and healthful bacteria, and tastes great too. Many dieters can experience digestive troubles – yogurt will set those right as well.

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