Low Carb Snacks You Might Not Know About: Popcorn

A light snack, perhaps?One of the easiest low carb snacks is also one of the most often overlooked. Low carb popcorn is a wholesome, healthy whole grain – it’s like two great foods in one! Popcorn is also incredibly versatile. If you are in the mood for a hint of sweet, sprinkle fresh popcorn with cinnamon, or go traditional with melted butter and salt for a salty snack that satisfies.  At just 5 grams of carbs per one-cup serving, popcorn is one of those low carb snacks you can eat almost freely, and not feel the least bit guilty about!

Low Carb Snacks: Popcorn Cooking Options

If versatility in eating isn’t enough for you, how about versatility in cooking? Popcorn is one of my favorite low carb snacks, if you couldn’t tell, and one of the reasons is that you can cook it so many ways. Why spend money and eat chemicals to get microwave popcorn when you can do the same thing with a paper bag and popcorn kernels? We have a Popcorn setting on our microwave, which I think cooks for about two minutes, 30 seconds. Take an ordinary paper bag, pour some popping corn in it, fold the end over twice and toss in the microwave. It really is as simple as that. You won’t have the uniform popping of the chemical-laden microwave popcorn, but even taking into account the unpopped kernels, making low carb popcorn this way is almost as cheap as it gets.

You can also pop your popcorn on the stove. Put enough vegetable oil to coat the bottom of the pan, heat it on medium high, and then add popcorn. Cover and shake constantly to keep the kernels from sticking and burning. This method gives you oil coated popcorn so it’s ready to just add salt. Don’t worry – it’s not greasy, just a light oiling to help salt stick. Cooking popcorn on the stove is probably my favorite way to enjoy one of the best low carb snacks on the planet.

If you don’t mind having an extra appliance, you can get an air popper or oil popper to pop your popcorn for you. These are both fantastic options, too.

Low Carb Snacks: Popcorn Recipes

By itself, popcorn has a good, light flavor that lends itself well to many flavoring options. If you cook your popcorn with a little oil, you only need to add your favorite toppings and it’s ready to eat. If you air pop or pop your popcorn in the microwave, melted butter (not margarine) adds flavor and helpful nutrients to this low carb snack.

Some popcorn topping options that I like to use include:

  • Parmesan cheese
  • Taco seasoning (personal favorite)
  • Butter and sea salt
  • Cinammon (try Stevia too if you’d like)
  • Nature’s Seasons
  • Garlic salt with Parsley
  • Garlic and onion powder

You can store unused popcorn in the cupboard, as long as it doesn’t have any perishable foods added to it.  My kids love pulling out the bag of popcorn to snack on throughout the day.  When it comes to low carb snacks, popcorn wins as the most versatile to cook and eat, and it is one of my all-time favorites.

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