Finding Low GI Foods for Diabetics

Root VegetablesIn order to understand how to find low GI foods for diabetics, we need to first talk about what low GI really means. The Glycemic Index is a measure of how quickly a food converts to sugar in our bodies. While this is helpful information, it is not the whole picture. Just because the carbs in a food convert quickly to sugar does not mean that a particular food is going to spike your blood sugar through the roof.

What the Glycemic Index fails to take into account is the amount of carbs relative to serving size. Parsnips, for example, score 52 on the Glycemic Index, which is on the cusp of being a high GI food (the cutoff is 55), but the glycemic load of a serving size of 80 grams of parsnips is only 12.

So in order to find low GI foods for diabetics, you should be seeking out information on the glycemic load of each food. This will get you a more accurate idea of how you can expect that food to react in your bloodstream, which is ultimately the most important consideration.

It might be a good idea to create your own list of low GI foods for diabetics, so to speak, by keeping a food journal and recording your blood glucose readings after eating each food. I found this to be very helpful for finding things to eat each week. In fact, now that I am no longer pregnant, we still follow my “blood glucose” spreadsheet from time to time to find low carb meals.

Finding low GI foods for diabetics is all about doing your homework, examining the glycemic load, and taking notes on how your body reacts to certain foods.

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