What is the Glycemic Index?

When you first enter the world of the diabetic diet, you will hear about the Glycemic Index and how foods you want to eat are rated on it. Especially for newcomers, all those numbers can be confusing. If you have been wondering, “Just what is the Glycemic Index?”, this video, though lengthy, does a pretty good job of setting things straight:

Research is suggesting that the carb count isn’t necessarily as important as the Glycemic Index, which rates foods based on how people react to them. Many new foods show the GI rating, and there are comprehensive lists online for many whole foods. One of the most important things you can do for your health is to start watching those labels, not just for the GI rating, but for the unhealthy additives so many processed foods contain these days.

It’s your body, so take control of your health and don’t let the food industry tamper with your body anymore.

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